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Steps to Home Ownership
Step 1: How much can you spend?
It is best to be pre-qualified or pre-approved by a lending institution professional.  Your realtor should be able to recommend several professionals to contact. This is typically a free service.

Step 2: Shopping
Work with a licensed realtor, a member of the National Association of Realtors, to find a home.

Step 3: Selection
With the help of your realtor, you select a home, make an offer, and negotiate a price.

Step 5: Negotiation
The seller and buyer negotiate, you agree on a price, sign a sales contract, and put up the earnest money.

Step 6: Mortgage
You make a formal application for a mortgage.

Step 7: Inspections
You have the home inspected by a licensed inspector. The bank will have the home appraised, and the bank's attorney will order a title search. You obtain hazard insurance and prepare funds for the closing.

Step 8: Pre-Closing Walk Through
Buyer has opportunity before closing to tour the home making sure all that all that is supposed to remain with property is there and home is in same physical shape as when contracted.

Step 9: Closing (owner)
The owner, through his attorney, brings to the closing a clear title and deed. Keys are provided to buyer from seller.

Step 10: Closing (buyer)
At least 24 hours before closing, lending institution will provide you with amount needed. Buyer provides insurance binder.

Step 11: Legal
The seller's attorney and the bank's attorney coordinate the signing of documents and the transfer of money and ownership.

Step 12: Transfer
Ownership of the home is transferred to you at the end of the closing, and you move your belongings into the home.

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